Tech: Term Definitions

Thanks to the amazing team at Skillcrush, lots of tech terms are artfully explained. These are the ones you 100% need to know.


Ever wonder what that thing in the top of the browser is?


POP, IMAP, SMTP Oh My! It’s only email, don’t be scared.


We’re building programs that can talk to other programs. Their APIs are their languages. Sort of.


You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes, What You See Is What You Get.

IP Address

There’s no place like, there’s no place like, there’s no place like localhost.

Web Server

Apache, Puma, Unicorn, Thin, IIS, Mongrel, don’t be scared, they are just the beasts behind the world wide web.


The term ‘debugging’ was coined by Grace Hopper when she literally removed a moth from her computer to get it working.


Finally understand how actually means

The Cloud

It’s like instead of your head being in the clouds, it’s all your infrastructure.

Command Line

Live deep in the nix heartland and become a loving extension of the shell.

Version Control

Rule 1. Never lose code. Rule 2. Never lose code.

Grid Systems

Just because we’re not designers doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate and respect their grids.


Not liking Ruby on Rails is like not liking parfait.


There’s probably a pun we could come up with, but we take security seriously.

404 Error

The web’s best easter egg.

Responsive Design

Keep your mind like water, but your design should be fluid and screen independent.


Despite what you might read, it’s basically just black magic, the dark arts, the voodoo that gives traffic.


Because green to you might not be green to me. So there’s these really specific codes we use for colors.


The. Best. Programming. Language. Ever. Period. We. Promise.


All applications are basically just content management systems anyway.

Pseudo Code

First learn to express yourself. Then learn to code.


Insecure content warnings? HTTP Sniffing? Here’s why.

Open Source

It’s sort of impossible for me to quantify the impact open source software has made, but at least 64% of the top million websites are powered by it.


And one day in February 2005, the Internet suddenly felt different.

Frontend / Backend

What’s the difference? Turns out, less and less.


The most pervasive and ubiquitous programming language since Flash.


It’s awesome.


Just think Excel spreadsheet on crack. Better. We mean better.


We could never love anyone that didn’t appreciate the importance of a separation of content and style.


All documents should come in this format.

Super Helpful Links


Here are a few of my fa-vo-rite LINKS. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments!

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